Online Shopping Mystery: Why Don’t We Use Our Smartphones to buy Stuff?

Though smartphones are truly smarter, they have slowly captured the essence and purpose of accessing everything from the small window to the digital world. As most of the e-commerce, businesses have launched their app version to suit the customers who are always on the go, without having time to sit and browse through pages of websites. It is a known fact that it takes seconds to decide what we want to shop. Spending lot of time on stores gradually replaced by just moving the cursor through scroll down pages of the varieties of the same products offered, now we are even better off by selecting what we need while we are riding on the train back home from work.

There are companies who have done researches based on how the psychology of a shopper works, the e-tailing sector is immensely popular today, with small and rising businesses wanting to lure the millions of customers who visit the internet, to display their products and services. Be it groceries from or vehicles, there is a huge traffic of online buyers that have clocked more than 75 percent of the online websites. The electronic gadgets markets are top contenders when it comes to online purchase, well app version slowly seems to join the fray, there are different ways brands are promoting the app version with

  • additional discounts for orders placed from the brands, app version
  • cash back on the following purchases
  • free gifts with minimum orders
  • free shipping for orders above a limit, or shopping from apps
  • points are credited that can be redeemed on the next purchases made from apps

One major point on shopping stuff through apps is that the customers have to download the app in their smartphones, and then shop if the memory of the phone is limited, the app cannot be installed and could discourage the buyer.