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Questions to Ask a Dog Breeder Before Buying

It is vital to talk to a dog breeder prior purchase, however, regardless of the conversation you will be having with the dog breeders, the making enquiry of the best dog GPS trackers reviewed, there are some questions that you should not do without asking your breeder. Why?

You will be informed, and you will have a full understanding of what separates the highly dedicated breeder from the ignorant ones.

Below are some of the questions that must be asked.

  • Where Do The Puppies Live? You should have a full sense of this. Because where they live tells on the dogs you are buying.

If they live in the house with the family, they will have a better edge at growing up friendly and relaxed, while an isolated one will naturally be aggressive.

  • Can I Meet The Parents? Meeting the mother especially would afford you the insight into the dog’s personality. If the mother is well behaved, friendly, then you have a good sign that you have found a good breeder.
  • Can I Discuss With Someone Who Has Bought a Puppy From You? An excellent breeder should be ever willing and comfortable to make references to customers and other breeders.

Thus, if reluctant to give you that, then you’ve not got a good breeder then.

  • How Many Litters do You Raise? The number of litters in a year gives you an idea of how often they provide care and handling to their dogs.

If for example, a breeder tells you that he raises one-two litters in a year, that is a good indication that they give adequate health care to their dogs.

  • Can I have Copies of Health Insurance? Breeders must ensure that dogs, older dogs, at least two or three-year-old are tested for hereditary problems.

Therefore the dog breeder must have documentation from independent agency confirming these tests.