Day: January 9, 2019

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Minimal Toys: How Many Toys Do Kids Really Need?

When you have a kid in the house, the mess never seems to end. though kids can’t be expected to clean up and keep things sorted out all the time, the mess would relatively be easy to clean if only things were lesser. Have you noticed, the majority of these mess are toys? And not just any toys but toys they actually don’t really play with? These toys are just taken out and strewn around while the kids are in one corner occupied with just one or two items at a time.

So the question is, how many toys do the kids really need? Do we have a definite number? A fixed answer? No. Unfortunately, it is subjective and we cannot put a limit to this. However, we can analyze and understand what they actually need and don’t.

What They Need

Kids need practical play. They need to get familiar with the environment they are growing up in and are bound to encounter, rather than the toy world or their pretend world. This could be very entertaining and keep them occupied for hours on end but does not really do any good for them.

If you check you are not only bound to see a large variety of toys for various age groups but you will also see such practical toys.

Here are some things you can use from your own home instead of buying toys:

For Grip Development

There are toys with nuts and bolts the kids can fix to get their fingers to work more. this helps them hold and control small items which are very good for their grip. While this is very useful, one need not buy them from the store. Give them real-time nuts and bolts you have as stock in the garage and let them play with it while you keep an eye on them.

Similarly, you can give them a loaf of bread and a butter knife to improve their hand-eye coordination, different pulses to be sorted out to improve focus, etc.