Day: September 26, 2018

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The Wrench Guide: Types Of Wrenches, Uses & Features

Wrenches are a quintessential part of your toolbox. You need wrenches for everything, from loosening nuts, screws or bolts to tightening pipes etc. There are different types of wrenches and they serve different purposes. When I had initially ordered a wrench set, I was not aware of the types and their uses. However, after reading about the ToolGuards ratcheting wrench set, I made my choice. Here is my version of the types and their purposes.

Crescent wrench

If you have never had a toolkit before, then this is the type of wrench that you should begin with. The crescent wrench is also known as the adjustable wrench. You should ideally have it in two sizes; a big and a small. This type of wrench has two jaws. One jaw is fixed while the other is adjustable. This adjustable jaw can be used to work on a number of fasteners of different sizes. These jaws are designed to be able to grip hex nuts and square nuts efficiently.

Open wrench

An open wrench does not have adjustable jaws. This comes as an advantage since you do not run the risk of breaking a jaw. Moreover, if you have a number of nuts of the same size that need tightening, an open wrench is more advantageous than a crescent wrench.

Box wrench

With an enclosed opening, a box wrench is better suited for heavy-duty tool work. They are best used along with hex-head fasteners.

Socket wrench

A socket wrench is a more efficient version of an open wrench or a crescent wrench. Its rachet device lets you hold it in one place while it is pulled in the opposite direction. This allows for faster tightening of screws.

You could choose to buy all these wrenches or invest in a wrench kit so that everything is covered.…