Day: September 11, 2018


5 Best at Home Drug Test Kits and Where to Buy Them in 2018

At home drug test kits are incredibly popular as there are many incredibly valid reasons why people like to take tests to see if they have drugs if they are in private and at their own location. The reasons can include passing an employment system examination or to check a friend or a family member for substance abuse, or to pass a court-mandated drug test, if you want to do any of these you will need to have a good at home kit to work with.

Considering all of the new laws that are being put in place these days, many times there has been much more rigid screening for substance abuse in places like schools, sports, the workforce and the such, I’m sure you’ve seen what happens if you fail one of these petty tests. Now, it is possible for you to see whether you should cave into the pressure and take the test or to stand your ground because you know whether you will fail or not. It is much better to know the results before than after. Not all drug kits are equally made, many will fail you.

One of the best types of drug testing kits is the Plus PreScren Mini.

The way to use this drug testing kit is extremely easy, just pop open the lid, urinate and wait for the results to start coming in, it should only take about 5 minutes to start seeing the results.

5 minutes is extremely fast, hopping on a game of fornite will take less time than 5 minutes for reference. These drug tests will help you learn how to pass a urine test so you won’t have to worry about losing out on employment.